Garden design courses

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With our combined backgrounds in design and horticulture and 20 years experience of designing & creating gardens in Europe, we can offer a variety of garden design courses here at the finca !

For more information on the courses visit the garden design page


off grid tours

Solar panels & shady parking underneath

Solar panels & shady parking underneath

Are you interested in living in a more sustainable way and possibly even “Off Grid?”

Here at the Finca we really enjoy giving guided tours of the various ways that we are trying to live more sustainably, generating all of our own electricity and harvesting all of our rainwater. The original farmhouse has been insulated with cork panels on the exterior and new internal partitions have been formed in hempcrete.

Hemp has also been used to insulate the floors and we have incorporated many energy & water saving devices to ensure that our precious resources are used as efficiently as possible.


wildflower walks


The wildflower walks around the property and the adjacent Sierra de las Nieves National Park usually take place in the Spring and early Summer months. Springtime here is spectacular as everything bursts into flower and the hillsides are covered with native cistus and phlomis. The walks generally last 1.5 hours guided by Simon who has a vast knowlege of the flora of the area and can answer all of your questions.

If you are interested in booking a guided walk with Simon please e mail us on the contacts page.