established in 2017

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We moved here in the summer of 2016 after spending the last 20 years running a garden design company in London.  We specialised in designing and building Mediterranean, drought tolerant gardens for clients in and around the South East of England. However it was always our dream to create a true Mediterranean garden here in Spain whilst enjoying a completely different lifestyle and a slower pace of life.

We stayed in many different parts of Andalucia before finally deciding to settle here in Yunquera.

The spectacular mountain environment combined with the style of the house and the opportunities to create a special place to live and welcome visitors whilst creating our own mediterranean garden convinced us that this was the perfect location for our new adventure.

Nothing could have prepared us for what lay ahead and the many challenges that we would have to overcome! Within days of moving in we soon realised that there was barely enough electricity for us, far less for the guest casita and that the opening of the guest accommodation would need to be put on hold until this was resolved. Then we realised that there was barely any water either which has been much more challenging to resolve.

Fortunately we have now reached a position where we have abundant electricity generated by all the hours of sunshine we receive in Andalucia. In addition, the rainwater that we harvest during heavy downpours quickly fills up our tanks and this has greatly improved our water situation. We are able to welcome visitors to our the guest cottage/ casita and are really enjoying sharing this amazing location and the surrounding areas with our guests.

The new solar arrangement with 27 panels and shaded areas for parking.

The new solar arrangement with 27 panels and shaded areas for parking.

If you would like to read more about our rollercoaster journey, the blog has lots of posts and photos illustrating the trials and tribulations along the way. It has certainly been a baptism of fire and buying an old mountain finca is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

The last few years have been challenging but we love it here and are embracing our new life in this spectacular mountain environment.

If you are passionate about the natural environment and are interested in experiencing responsible & sustainable tourism in a very comfortable off grid house we could be the perfect place!

We look forward to meeting you.

Mhairi & Simon